Undergraduate Mathematics Lecture Notes

Paul Taylor


I wrote these notes for various algebra and other courses in the Cambridge Mathematical Tripos while I was a graduate student. Beware that the Tripos has undergone "reform" on several occasions since then.
Small group teaching sessions in Cambridge are known as supervisions, of which I did more than my fair share, because I enjoyed doing them. In my day, the groups were of order 2.
They are in manuscript (I had quite legible handwriting in those days!) and have been scanned as PDF files. Please tell me if any of them is difficult to read, then I will try to scan them more effectively.

Part IA (First Year)

Algebra I (Groups)
Algebra II (Vector Spaces)
Some algebra exercises
Linear Systems

Part IB (Second Year)

Algebra III
Complex Variable
Rings and Modules

Part II (Third Year)

Galois Theory
Representation Theory
Group Theory

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