Related and Competing Research

Paul Taylor

25 March 2007

Under construction! The following names were collected rather hurriedly from the bibliographies of my papers on ASD, and the topics attached to each name were just the first things that came into my head.

Where people's names are in bold, the links are to their own home pages, through which you can presumably find their other work or contact details. The links behind the names in italic are to Google; maybe you will be more successful than me in finding authoritative web pages for these people.

The links behind the topics in italics will connect you to Google Scholar, using the author's name and the italicised text as the query. This seems to be a flexible way of getting you to the papers that I cite in my work, as Google does the work of tracking both the preprint and publication process, and also subsequent citation.

Please note that this page was created to link out of my work and my point of view: the authors listed have no doubt done lots of other work in other areas. Whilst things in this list are meant to be "relevant" to my work, that is to be interpreted broadly: it does not indicate that I agree with the work in question.

Finally, this is not a reimplementation of Hypatia. If you think that somebody or some topic that is relevant to my work should be added, or the details corrected, please tell me by email. Before you do so, please do some experiments to find out what keywords cause Google Scholar to find the closest approximation to the group of papers that you have in mind.

Peter Aczel:    Constructive topology    Final coalgebras    Non well founded sets
Andrew Appel:    Compiling with Continuations

Henk Barendregt:    Lambda calculus
Michael (Mike) Barr:    Autonomous categories    Chu spaces    Toposes triples
Andrej Bauer:    Realizability    Equilogical spaces
Ulrich Berger:    Total objects
Errett Bishop:    Constructive analysis
Nicolas Bourbaki:    General topology    Set theory
Vasco Brattka:    Computable analysis
Douglas Bridges:    Constructive analysis
LEJ Brouwer:    Intuitionism    Topology
Ronald (Ronnie) Brown:    Compact open topology    Groupoids    Partial maps
Anna Bucalo:    Lifting

Venanzio Capretta:    Coalgebras
Aurelio Carboni:    Cartesian bicategories    Como proceedings    Extensive category
John Cleary:    Logical arithmetic
Robin Cockett:    Distributive categories
John Conway:    Numbers and games    Sphere packing

Joseph Dauben:    Cantor
Brian Day:    Closed categories    Topological quotient maps
Brian Davies:    Pluralism in mathematics
Richard Dedekind:    Continuity and irrational numbers
Jean Alexandre Dieudonné:    Bourbaki
E J Dijksterhuis:    Archimedes
Edsger Dijkstra:    Discipline of Programming
James Dugundji:    Topology
Roy Dyckhoff:    Partial products

Abbas Edalat:    Differential calculus    Integration
Martín Escardó:    Closed Euclidean inverval    Compact regular    Synthetic topology

Solomon Feferman:    Categorical foundations
Marcelo Fiore:    Synthetic domain theory
Michael Fourman:    Sheaf analysis
Ralph Fox:    Function-spaces
Gottlob Frege:    Begriffschrift    Laws of arithmetic
Peter Freyd:    Abelian categories    Algebraic completeness    Allegories    Extensional PERs    Functors and models
Carsten Führmann:    Computational effects    Continuations

Gerhard Gentzen:    Logical calculus
Gerhard Gierz:    Continuous lattices
Jean-Yves Girard:    Linear logic    Proofs and types
Kurt Gödel:    Incompleteness
Ivor Grattan-Guinness:    Mathematical roots
Alexandre Grothendieck:    SGA

Eldon Hanson:    Interval analysis
GH Hardy:    Apology    Pure mathematics
Felix Hausdorff:    Mengenlehre    Topology
Christopher Haynes:    Logic continuations
Jean van Heijenoort:    Source book in logic
Arend Heyting:    Intuitionism
Karl Hofmann:    Continuous lattices
Martin Hofmann:    Type theory
Martin Hyland:    Effective topos    Filter spaces    Games    Linear logic    Locales    Small complete category    Synthetic domain theory

John Isbell:    Function spaces    Meet-continuous lattices    Sobriety

Luc Jaulin:    Interval analysis
Mamuka Jibladze:    Bagdomain    Induction
Peter Johnstone:    Locales    Preframe presentations    Stone spaces    Toposes
André Joyal:    Arithmetic universes    Algebraic set theory    Locales
Achim Jung:    Continuous domains    Locally compact spaces

John Kelley:    Topology
Max Kelly:    Adjunctions    Enriched categories
Anders Kock:    Strong monads    Synthetic differential geometry

Joachim (Jim) Lambek:    Categorical logic    Localization
Peter Landin:    Programming languages
F William (Bill) Lawvere:    Categorical logic    Hyperdoctrines    Quantifiers    Topos theory
Fred Linton:    Categorical algebra    Functorial semantics

Saunders Mac Lane:    Working mathematician
Michael Makkai:    First order logic
Maria-Emilia (Milly) Maietti:    Arithmetic universes    Formal topology
Mark Mandelkern:    Constructive continuity
Ernest (Ernie) Manes:    Algebraic theories
Andrei Markov:    Recursive functions
Francisco (Quico) Marmolejo:    Distributive law
Per Martin-Löf:    Type theory
Eugenio Moggi:    Monads
Ramon Moore:    Interval analysis

Arnold Neumaier:    Interval methods
Susan Niefield:    Exponentiability
Dag Normann:    Continuous functionals

Jaap van Oosten:    Synthetic domain theory

Valeria de Paiva:    Dialectica categories    Linear logic
Robert (Bob) Paré:    Colimits
Boris Pasynkov:    Parial products
Larry Paulson:    Machine proof    ML
Giuseppe Peano:    Mathematical logic
Maria-Cristina Pedicchio:    Malcev relations
Wesley Phoa:    Realisability
Andrew (Andy) Pitts:    Categorical logic    Russell's paradox
Gordon Plotkin:    Call-by-name    LCF
John Power:    Monads    Premonoidal categories
Hilary Priestley:    Lattices

John Reynolds:    Continuations    Polymorphism
H G Rice:    Recursion
Fred Richman:    Constructive mathematics
Robert (Bob) Rosebrugh:    Completely distributive lattices
Giuseppe (Pino) Rosolini:    Effective topos    Equilogical spaces    Partial maps    Synthetic domain theory
Hartley Rogers:    Computability
Bertrand Russell:    Principia
David Rydeheard:    Electronic category theory

Giovanni Sambin:    Formal Topology
Vijay Saraswat:    Constraint programming
Andrea Schalk:    Linear logic    Monads
Peter Schuster:    Constructive analysis
Dana Scott:    Continuous lattices    Denotational semantics    Extensionality    Equilogical spaces
J Arthur Seebach:    Counterexamples in topology
Peter Selinger:    Control categories    Quantum computation
Harold Simmons:    Locale theory
Alex Simpson:    QCB
Michael (Mike) Smyth:    Domainn theory
Norman Steenrod:    Convenient category
Marshall Stone:    Boolean rings
Christopher Strachey:    Continuations
Ross Street:    Total cocompleteness
Thomas Streicher:    Categorical logic    Sobrification

Hayo Thielecke:    Continuations
Walter Tholen:    Partial products    Total categories
Anne Troelstra:    Constructivism
Alan Turing:    Computable numbers

Tarmo Uustalu:    Coalgebras

Japie Vermeulen:    Locales
Varmo Vene:    Coalgebras
Steven Vickers:    Locales    Powerdomains    Topology via logic

Robert (Bob) Walters:    Extensive categories
Klaus Weihrauch:    Computable analysis
Peter Wilker:    Locally compact spaces
Todd Wilson:    Locale theory
Glyn Winskel:    Powerdomains
Richard Wood:    Completely distributive lattices    Total categories

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